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You don’t need to buy multiple software systems and constantly switch in-between them in your everyday activities. Everything you need is already included in MAAS ERP Solutions.

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Customizable Packages

We work on a personalized basis, which means that we can agree on different packages depending on your needs. The time and price differ depending on the size of your business and how extensive the package you would like to purchase. It is possible to buy different modules independently. Some of the costs are fixed and one-time, some are variable and depend on the volume of transactions. We work on the subscription model once the initial setup is done and live.Get in contact with us to discuss your case and come up with the most optimal solution


Process Flow

The implementation process can differ depending on the package, but it always follows the same timeline. It allows us to secure the successful implementation of the system and perfect usability of the software after the installation. The whole implementation process can take 4-15 months, depending on the package and scale of the business.


Phase 1

The client contacts the MAAS ERP Solutions team for the briefing meeting, where we look into the specific situation and come up with the most suitable packaging proposal. The MAAS ERP Solutions team starts the project preparation, planning, and management process.


Phase 2

Pilot development, data transfer, and all the technical work


Phase 3

Deployment of the product, documentation, training, and support

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