H2R By MAAS ERP Solutions

Business success is all about the people– not just developing meaningful connections with customers but also ensuring you have a happy and motivated workforce to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Unfortunately, it's easy to become overwhelmed by running a business, that we sometimes forget this essential element.

MAAS ERP Solutions offers help in achieving both these elements: providing support for customers and taking care of employees throughout their lifecycle within your company.


Core Competencies

MAAS ERP Solutions platform enables you to be confident in delivering solutions today and getting the support your business needs as you develop and grow for the future.

  • Configurability to suit your requirements
  • Process Flexibility
  • Real-time Analytics
  • EfficientIntegration
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Mobile Accessibility

Make The Most Out Of Our H2R


Improved HR Visibility & Control

  • By having a centralised view of your business operations, you can track all metrics in real-time and make instant informed decisions.

Increased Workflow Efficiency

  • When you automate small menial tasks that take up a significant amount of your HR department's time, you can re-allocate them to focus on more important tasks like performance reviews, legal compliances, etc.

Better Team Collaboration

  • With a single communication and data sharing platform, your employees will collaborate better when it comes to finishing tasks. They can work together more efficiently, share information with each other, and converse about things much more easily.

Easy Customisation

  • Our solution is highly customisable to meet your personal and business goals. You can tailor-fit our software to create custom fields, modify workflows, and design custom reports. Aside from that, our mobile app will also deliver instant accessibility regardless of your location.